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[State of Address] 
Mybb 1.8.16 Update (What has happened)

Posted: 07-07-2018 06:27 AM by drguild
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[State of Address] 
Where we are, whats needed and roadmap

Posted: 07-02-2018 05:26 AM by drguild
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[State of Address] 
Polishing the forum

Posted: 06-22-2018 03:12 AM by drguild
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[State of Address] 
Current site progress & thoughts

Posted: 06-13-2018 01:18 PM by drguild
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[State of Address] 
CAJGO & Privacy Laws

Posted: 05-19-2018 06:34 AM by drguild
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[State of Address] 
Current Theme Status

Posted: 05-19-2018 05:22 AM by drguild
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[State of Address]  Mybb 1.8.16 Update (What has happened)

Posted: 07-07-2018 06:27 AM by drguild

With the recent release of MyBB 1.8.16 reports are coming in of various bugs and template changes affecting with all themes.
Us too here has been affected as I upgraded as soon as it came out and was awake.
So this is requiring me to do a State of Address to publicly address this issue and our stance on things.
I am also going to explain some thoughts about us upgrading, MyBB, QA, polish and other things about running forums etc and ways everyone can get better and benefit.

We know that MyBB 1.9 is meant to break everything theme wise, but everyone was and is expecting the current 1.8.xx branch versions to be non or minor breaking changes and fixes.
We also expected a documented list of template changed codes that were needed to bring out running theme templates up to the new point release standard.

MyBB staff are currently reviewing the release of 1.8.16 and what happened with lack of feedback etc and will be releasing 1.8.17 within the week to fix the extra bugs and will be changing some procedures in how future versions are managed with being rolled out

What has happened from the public statements I read in in response to my inquiries etc was MyBB didn't have enough testers for this version nor did anyone tell them any of these bugs were going on, so they pushed the update live feeling it was adequate for most users without knowing the true impacts of what was going on.
Instead what happened was a range of bugs and changes that has impacted most users from login issues, missing icons, thread closed message and icon, extra comma in index, report function broken and others.

Please note that no-one is to specifically blame here for these issues, its a combination of many things that has caused this to happen.
Also please no bullying or putting the developers down at MyBB, its not nice or called for , do not vent your frustrations out at them turn your frustrations into positive reinforcement and constructive thoughts about future change.

The combination I can see that has caused these issues are:
  • Not enough testers for this version
  • Not enough people caring
  • No proper notices for testing (blog, homepage, in the users own forums as a announcement)
  • No proper pre-release version for everyone to run themselves on a test board and provide feedback with
  • Pushing a version that was inadequately documented and tested
  • Not enough public communication in relevant noticeable areas
  • Developers are not normally public relations people so they tend to develop without realising to tell the public or know that the public may not be as technically minded
  • Not enough procedures and checks in place for rollout to mitigate issues
None of these are MyBB direct fault as such given the way the forum has been run and managed with developers not enough time as it is and not enough procedures put in place.

The way it can be mitigated in future releases could consist of a range of things not just limited to this list:
  • Expanded in board announcement section in the mybb forum software with categories to highlight different types of notices to users
  • Adding and pushing public prerelease beta versions users can run on test boards in between the stables
  • Expanding the version tag in the software to show 'Current' and 'Latest' version as well as tags Stable / PreRelease etc and add URLs to the version numbers to highlight differences
  • Expanding the MyBB blog to incorporate categories on different types of content updates, news, etc, etc
  • Assigning someone as a dedicated document, spokesperson who's goal is to document and be the mybb face of PR (this is hard to do)
  • Liaising more with the public on improving back end and consumer relations
  • Creating a more open environment like say Microsoft did with 'insiders' using the public as direct beta and bug report testing environment for prereleases
  • Automating more back end processes with error checking and other tools
  • Creating more of a closer interaction with the community then a 'we are developers we don't owe you anything' mentality I have seen from some people.
There are many other ways MyBB can improve and we should be letting them know the best and nicest ways possible.
There is no point saying you have been butthurt etc over this it doesn't help anyone.
We need to make lists of positive reinforcement and let them know what we expect as users as well as to help them improve themselves for us.

While we don't owe each other anything technically, we have a obligation as MyBB users to ensure that MyBB is run in a safe happy, positive, environment and that we advise them wherever we can on customer relation and process improvements,
They are building this forum software for us as users and community leaders, and as such we owe it to them to be those leaders to voice and express our communities desires, wants, needs and to encourage them whenever we can.
Remember we wouldn't have our communities without the forum software whether its SMF. PHPBB, Xenforo, Invasion, Vanilla etc etc.

My views on who should be running a forum:

There has also been discussions that users should not need to know coding to run forum software.
In my view forum software is directly a web based service so in order to run a web based service you need some understanding of web based administration.
No you don't need to be a systems level coder or anything but you need enough knowledge about how web sites, scripts and even how the web servers themselves are run and managed and to be able to diagnose and fix basic and common sense minor code change issues that pop up based on browser, os and other changes.

If you don't know how to run and manage a web service or have any understanding on how web servers are run, setup and maintained then running a forum isn't the way to go and you should hire or partner with someone who does know about administration of web based services and servers.
It's the same policy as if you were trying to run a kitchen serving food to customers but had no cooking or kitchen management skills.
Just because one is passionate enough shouldn't mean they should run something.
Likewise don't put a beer fan or drunk with no management or drink creating skills in charge of a brewery as the saying goes.

I am fine if people are passionate and want to create their own community, but in order to do so you need someone that can administrator and maintain the platform and services.
You also need to ask yourself why you want to create a community in the first place and what you personally are going to get out of it for yourself and how you are going to manage and maintain your community.
If you can't run or manage something yourself, then get someone else to do it for you or look for alternative platforms etc.
Forum software is web based and you need someone that can manage, administer, diagnose and fix web based services and if you are hosting yourself you also need to know server, email and other types of management.

Remember our communities rely and expect us to have and grow the skills required to keep the services they use running smoothly from the forums, email, server and its running processes itself and other things like keeping regular backups, security of their personal and other information and many other things.
We are administrators as as such we need to administer and maintain the services our communities use.

If you want to run to run a community and don't have basic web and management skills as mentioned you need to get someone who can do that stuff, because if something breaks on your end or there is a conflict like PHP, MYSQL, apache version, port forwarding, email server, backup or even server OS and hardware issues, it needs to be fixed and is out the realm of the forum software as that is your priority to fix in a timely manner to avoid downtime and other issues.
You are the one that needs to fix that stuff for your community, clients etc.

Aslo with social media facebook, google+, discord and many others it's far easier than it ever has been to run a community with no web knowledge as they are premade multi group and purpose platforms managed by proper companies , Google, Facebook etc that have their own web management teams who work 24/7 keeping those platforms up.

What about us?

As for our community as we are still young and no-one really comes here yet It is ok to update and see whats what.
In the past I ran a Minecraft community and waited on updates as we had over forty, third party plugins yet I was screamed at that we should update not wait a week.
With what's happened with MyBB 1.8.16 these are the exact reasons why I never jumped to update before on production servers as a update can break your server and ways you do things.
For here I am trying to take a more laid back open approach where we can have the opportunity to update as to new security and other versions quickly.
I also want this community to grow with us where we go through the ups and downs together so the ongoing work is very open here for now for us to grow and work on building this community together.

Though in saying that I have toyed with the idea of a dedicated testing and update server which can be rolled out with a new update before we apply it here to diagnose and detect any issues.
However with the current bugged theme and limited member numbers that isn't worth it at this stage, as such as we aren't exactly at that level of stability as it is.
However once and if we do get to that level of stability and have a decent user base I will be implementing a proper separate update and test forum install, I currently have a development test install I was using before we went live with this forum which needs to be redone as is.

I will be making some minor changes to the back end and ways I look at implementing updates in the future.
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[State of Address]  Where we are, whats needed and roadmap

Posted: 07-02-2018 05:26 AM by drguild

Here I will talk a bit about the community where we are and whats coming and also whats needed here for us to grow.

Supernova Cosplay Photos
On the 24rd and 24th of June I went to the Perth Supernova convention and we have day one portraits up here and a notice on the main page.

Unfortunately I came down with the flu pretty bad so couldn't process more images over the last week.
I am starting to feel a bit better though I still have a very bad cough, ongoing headache and bringing up mucus.

I plan to do more photo processing soon, however I have a inspection on the 16th and my place is a real mess, so I need to start on that like last week.
So apologies in advance if I spend some recovery time cleaning for that.
The photos will be finished and will be in the thread in time though.

Here is one if not the best photo from the thread see the thread to see more.

[Image: WEKDkkT.jpg]

The sits isn't growing as I would have liked while we have some members, we need more diverse interaction here as currently I have been the one making the threads, this ends up kinda looking a little weird with me being the only poster here.
I am always trying to think of ways we can engage the community here to bring in members in and for everyone to start more discussions.

The last thing I want to do which I mentioned very early in a State of Address is go down the path that some other communities have done and encourage interaction by direct rewards and user milestones.
While these are good secondary tools to encourage better content and more participation they are not something I want to do or run as the primary reason for people to post here which some other sites have done like a post bank you can cash out to real funds or turn posts into rewards etc.

People should want to be here and post content on their own terms, if they don't want to do that when we are doing something wrong that we need to address for people to want to be part of this community in their own way.

So if anyone is reading this and we are not meeting your or others expectations please tell us what we need to do to improve and encourage you and others to come and join in with our community here.

I agree that we are still young and this is a long process, though we do really need your feedback as its a community for you reading this not not just me.

Ongoing improvements and changes:
I have been implementing many changes and improvements still to the site.
  • I made images in the post editor thumbnails and looking into removing the width x height property of the editor box which is proving difficult.
  • We also have a 'Welcome PM' for new users here to tell them about about the sections of the site.
  • Also we now have a drag and drop imgur dropzone in the post editor so you can just drag images straight into posts now by using the dropzone.
  • There are always little tweaks here and there for improvement.

Site theme and whats going on:
The biggest thing people will probably wonder is whats going on with the theme and can we improve it.
The theme we run is a half broken responsive theme called Emerald, I didn't know how broken it was at the time.
I am currently not happy about the current situation and state we are in and reasons are below.

Out of all responsive themes Emerald looked the most professional, clean, simple, business styled theme.
The only other decent responsive free theme is NetPen, which is very popular and is fully responsive.
However this theme as the free default isn't as clean or professional as Emerald, or that I would like and is styled a bit too 'playful' for us and is a fixed width theme.
Someone mentioned that the developer of NetPen has a customisation service where he will customise the theme to your site for a fee and quite a few have taken up that offer.

There are also paid themes some may be fully responsive.
Most themes however aren't responsive.

However with MyBB 1.9 coming later in the year hopefully or early 2019, the whole theme engine is changing over to composer.
What this means for us is we will be changing themes at that stage.
MyBB 1.9 also will come with a fully responsive theme which a concept can be previewed on the MyBB forum right now.
There are also many changes coming in MyBB 1.9 onwards I will get to below in how it it affects us and what will happen here.

Overall I am planning to use the new MyBB 1.9 responsive theme as a base for our own custom theme modifications when that time comes.
This allows us to try to maintain base compatibility and changes with the default theme as well as creating our own unique modern clean professional style.
Hopefully by this time we can have a few people here willing to help us with theme customisations.

While the contest for front page ideas didn't go as I expected, we do however have some ideas and someone popped up, who has offered when he has time to help us on a redesign we are in talks with.
This redesign is going to take time, but we should be seeing some stuff moving by the later part of the year.
We are all ears, well eyes for any suggestions for the front page and any ideas we or the community have this person is willing to listen to.
So I or he will be putting a call out soonish so we can all collaborate and work together.

Roadmap MyBB 1.9 and beyond:
With MyBB 1.9 major changes will start to be rolled out in major point versions 1.10 1.11 etc to a eventual complete rewrite of MyBB forum software into a new modern board which is targeted as version 2.0.
This will affect us in what is used on this site as all plugins and ways we currently do things will be changing.
Things like the theme, post editor, new welcome pm's, image handling etc will all be changing at some stage.
I am excited for this as we are young and still working out things it'll be good to be able see what new and better ways we will have to adapt from now.

The most noticeable changes initially in MyBB 1.9 will be the new theme engine and a change to the TinyMCE editor from the default SCEditor which, TinyMCE will be more powerful than SCE and even the 3rd party Rin editor we run, TinyMCE will allow server side plugins, so if we want new functionality we can add it in easily as a extra without causing issues or having to do huge modifications.

As for managing loss of fancy-box or our spoiler code, when the time comes to change that stuff.
  • Fancy-box, its fine if we don't have image popups.
  • imgur integration, no biggie if we loose direct integration imgur as a site won't be shutting down anytime soon, we will adapt to new imgur integration methods when they happen.
  • Image auto resize in forum, not a issue as the code is just css and can be ported over to the new version.
  • Image resize in editor, Just added this one but the same should apply as above the new editor wysiwyg should run on css so we should be fine.
  • Spoiler code, We may loose ability to restrict spoilers to certain groups but custom bb codes won't be going anywhere as they are used on all types of forums.
  • Theme, I will be happy to see the back of it and work towards a new beginning.

I haven't added any core modifications like implementing xthreads that allows custom forum thread and display code etc as I know that stuff is a rabbit hole, once you add it, you end up relying on it and when change and updates happens you loose that whole custom section unless you don't update.

As for other MyBB stuff I will keep everyone informed on whats happening but for us, we welcome change and the chance to adapt.

I am running the site dynamically which means that we have the flexibility to change and completely redesign as we grow over time to the communities needs and to changes with MyBB and how things are.
The site will grow and change with our users and the software we use.

What do we need now?
  • Currently we need more postings on the forum by people other than me.
  • We also need all the feedback we can get to fix and improve the site and stuff to take into account for MyBB 1.9.
  • The front page we need input on and that will grow.
  • We need promotion to attract users.
  • We are also looking for people with these skills to help us:
  • Web designers, mainly PHP.
  • Graphic designers.
  • Anyone that wants to wrote articles on different topics for here and about the site.

Apart from MyBB 1.9 and changes from then what is our plans for the future.
We have a loose roadmap for where we want to head this community once we get more active.
This list is all subject to how active and popular we can become, as well as the team we can acquire.
  • Basic forum extras like marketplace, sponsored and commission forums etc.
  • We want to branch onto interviews and other content with our own youtube channel.
  • We want to attract some sponsors here.
  • We want to eventually be able to work with health professionals for the greater good of mental health.
  • Eventually we would like to be rolling out new features, Wiki, proper image board, chat system discord etc.
  • One can dream but it could be cool to host events and design a brand around our community.
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[State of Address]  Polishing the forum

Posted: 06-22-2018 03:12 AM by drguild

The last few days I've been polishing up parts of the forum.

I changed the forum postbit to horizontal from vertical it looks nicer and works better on mobile.
I also added a big feature, the profile box on the side showing you some stuff.

Most of the boxes on the sidebar now have header links to there relevant areas like 'Who's Online' 'Latest threads' links to the last days threads list and 'Statistics' now link to the boards statistics.
Also these header titles most of them I converted from hard coded to use the language file, there's a couple of titles that are not in the language file though.
Whether these links should include the Font Awesome icon in the link I am not sure, so let me know in a reply here.

I also added a 'Welcome, username' to the mobile code which appears above the links.

There are still some bugs and unfinished however even major, like:
  • The guest login on the side profile box links to the unused portal.php location when a guest uses it I need to fix somehow and awaiting anyone to give some feedback on the MyBB forum about it. However The login on the user navbar at the top does work correct.
  • Images on the blog page aren't sized properly (Working on it)
  • Blog needs filtering (We have filtering now but we need to expand the blog to do pagination and flesh things out more )
  • Mobile respivness on forum theme is fully bugged.
Also with polish I fixed a bug with images having inline dimension tags which messes up aspect ratio on the image (this code shouldn't really exist for forums as there's already code in the forum css and also that you can add that does a better job already), I may need to look more into that as I saw a new image uploaded by someone still with the code in it.

Over the last week I also polished up all the announcements and checked permissions for some groups etc.

We are working on redoing the front page, header and looking for site improvements overall and currently have a initial giveaway for front page ideas.
We have about 50 different and duplicate PC games to give out to various people for feedback on things.

If you find anything to fix, polish, add, remove or whatever, anything at all big or small let us know in the Website Support and Feedback section or the relevant contest areas and I will get around to things when I can.
We are here to improve ourselves and your end user experience anyway we can.

While on the topic of giveaways we also have a contest for winning a collection of 15 cosplay workshop books.
Here is a preview of the covers you can see the thread for all the full covers posted there.
[Image: S4SpzsM.png]

I am going to the Perth Supanova convention over the next couple of days so I will be taking many cosplay photos and hopfully handing out business cards and connecting with people.
I won't be dead here as I'll have my mobile with me and will be on after each day when I get home.

Lets hope we gain a few members and partners from the convention.

* Currently working on the image bug with mobile users on this blog page.
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[State of Address]  Current site progress & thoughts

Posted: 06-13-2018 01:18 PM by drguild

Sitewide Changes
Since the last two state of addresses I have been implementing and fixing up many things.

We now have a blog which this state of address resides in and is capable of expansion to other article types with filtering, however filtering on the blog page is still yet to come as I am not a php coder and do not know how to address this issue at this time.
We have a Imgur upload button directly in the postbox its the black button with the 'i' in it so feel free to use it.
We also have fancybox installed so all the loverly images that are posted here can be expanded up to full size directly in the forum as a overlay.
We have a slider on the front page with news.

There have been many other changes both backend and frontend like a admin area logo and adjustment of back end theme as well as theme tweaks like the new bottom of the thread reply button.
Also I have been tweaking here and there around the forum on forum descriptions and various things to tighten up things or help ease restrictions based on usage and other things like attachments.

Also we are now running Google Analytics for tracking and have been accepted into Google's Adsense program.

All of these tweaks and minor changes are ongoing and this is mainly for the benefit of YOU the user here.

First Giveaway
On regards to other things we now have the first giveaway for all of you to help us improve the front page with all your comments and suggestions and the top contributors will be awarded with a free game in order of recognition.

The games I currently have for offer are:
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition
  • Bayonetta
  • Vanquish
There will most likely be more on offer to the best contributions closer to the end date which is July 1.
ALL users will be recognised on this site if there contributions are used for our improvement on the front page.

Initially the front page was designed to be something basic which I was hoping we could be able to improve a bit later once we had some members and some help with creative ideas.

Development Companies
However web development design and marketing solutions [will not mention their name] were pushing me to sign up to their plan which is $699 for development of a new front end using only 'stock images' then obviously I would need there marketing and social media package afterwards which would have been $270 a month at the $9 a day I was quoted from them to create and manage social media accounts with more 'stock' images to market and promote this site (in the end I wouldn't know if we would have full rights and logins to those social media accounts and would be allowed to remove them as managers) but we all know one month for marketing isn't long enough to see a social media strategy work and the average minimum promotion period companies use is 3 months which would be $810 for that so a total of $1,509 United States Dollars (about $1600 Australian Dollars) at least in a few short months if I went with their company, and then after all that is said and done I would be on my complete own to sort out anything in the future, unless I kept paying them or anyone else for everything that needed to be done here.

This is one reason why I do not want to go down the paid route as it can and will probably quickly spiral into multiple costs which then add up as you can see above.
Also for someone who doesn't exactly have a income and running the server on a home internet connection on top of his $80 second hand dishwasher using a older HP N36L microserver a $1600 cost for a website and marketing strategy in about let's say a six month period is a bit of a laugh.

Yet the company was really pushing it as a investment and a way to help me to fix my social and personal issues and seemed to ignore the facts presented to them that I didn't really have much money and had other priorities, they were offering me to pay monthly etc.

The lady even even told me she wasn't selling anything and just wanted to help give me ideas on improving the site only to her then offer me the website plan I listed above and they were a 'business' when I told her she could list her ideas and improvements to me as short as possible and I would thank her by giving her something to pay for a dinner out somewhere.

We are open to feedback
Well if anyone actually isn't selling anything and just willing to offer suggestions and ideas, we here at CAJGO-Support are all keen to hear such suggestions and please list them and I will take note of every single one of them I would give a personal thank you and even shout your dinner or drinks out over paypal etc as a extra thank you if they are good enough.

I believe in supporting and showing kindness to others as well as helping others to help ourselves and what the core concepts of this community is designed around.

I also wish to learn and improve myself and as said above either way you look at it in the end we as a community are on our own, unless we keep paying someone to do the work for us, so as a the head Administrator here I personally need to skill up to support and manage this site and any future changes which there will be many and already this site has been helping me with that.

MyBB 1.9 and future upcoming stuff
So on that note of talking about changes MyBB will eventually be getting a 1.9 version later this year, in which you can discuss how we plan to go about that in the Website Support and Feedback area, these upcoming changes will change the way themes work and be a start in a complete redesign for the Mybb Platform leading up to version 2.0 a complete rewrite, which we will need to adapt and change to within time.

This is also another reason why paying for development or a community theme isn't a good thing at this stage as with upcoming changes additional site development and integration when that time comes would cost extra.

Obviously the front page and forums are developed and managed separately though use a single back end server account so there wouldn't be many changes in the front end when that comes unless we had a lot of site integration stuff like recent topics, chat box and other things which I am very open to implementing ideas for the front page such as latest threads and other things please let us know in our giveaway what you would want to see and we will get it done and implemented.

On that note this is the very first new post in our new blogging section so I hope it has been a useful and valuable read for you all.

We are also looking for anyone willing to fill this article section with new and wonderful content so if you have writing skills or just can flow words together like I do and want to give it a shot contact me with a dummy article and lets see what you can do.
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[State of Address]  CAJGO & Privacy Laws

Posted: 05-19-2018 06:34 AM by drguild

Our community and Privacy Laws 'GDPR' etc
There have been many changes to privacy laws around the world.
You may have gotten a bunch of emails within the last week from various organisations around the world about 'Terms of Service' updates.
These emails are just to inform you there Terms of Service have had their wording updated to comply with regulation for anyone storing user information online, you generally do not have to do anything and just continuing to use the service is acceptance of these updates.

We here at CAJGO-Support still need to comply with regulation as we are a community, hosting and storing user contributed content as we collect and we store various information about our members.
We also need to comply with law enforcement agencies around the world for data retention and other regulatory laws if this information is ever requested from us and will do so in the best interest of the concern as well as our community.

Here is the the type of content we store and will disclose to law enforcement agencies if requested.
  • Your Username
  • Your Password (The password is encrypted and is not in plain text)
  • Your Email Address
  • Your IP address as well log its date and time on every post you make as
  • Any personal information you add in your profile such as your game accounts Mental Health status
  • Any post you make on our site since joining
  • Any pm you send and receive that you haven't deleted we can only access in the mysql database if needed
  • Any post you delete is still stored and accessible by all administrators until we decide to permanently remove such posts
  • We can link any of the above information together to form a ongoing history log and profile about you
  • We can and might be compelled to disclose this information above on request
  • We will always work in the best interest of the community as well as law enforcement agencies together for the best outcome
*Note: Posts that are deleted we feel we need to be kept will either be left inline in the thread or moved /copied to a special administrator only achieve forum for later access if we are compelled to do so.

We also endeavor to keep your private information safe especially from 3rd parties and do not resell or use any user information for personal benefit, promotions, or anything we can gain benefit from.

*Note: Any information you post publicly you agree to be in the public domain and we can use and can be gathered by anyone online.
Our Mental Health and Direct Support areas are not in the public domain and are only accessible by registered users and above and as such are exempt from the above.
However If we do in the future use such information for promotional benefit such as advertising, testimonials or quotation of member comments and feedback about us it will be be done in a open disclosure manor and we will add a opt-in checkbox in the user profile area and message users directly if we plan to use and quote information directly from users.

We strive to be open and transparent with our users with the inner workings of this site and dealings with 3rd parties and external involvement, we encourage users to discuss these things openly on our forums.

While we are not pushing out a Terms of Service message on mass email (we don't really have any users as it is to warrant this) I feel it's enough, that this blog post should cover any concerns.
As we are just starting out we do not yet use a custom license agreement on registration or custom information in the forum information and help area and use the standards that come with the MyBB software.
The information contained in this post will eventually be migrated into the license agreement in time.

If you have any concerns please contact us to discuss things.
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[State of Address]  Current Theme Status

Posted: 05-19-2018 05:22 AM by drguild

Current Theme Status - as of this post,

The current status as of this post of that the theme we are using is heavily bugged with the responsiveness on mobile as outlined in the site and layout discussion thread.

I have done what I can to fix some issues and to implement missing features with the emerald theme, but at the end of the day this is just working around the core problems of the responsive design.
The theme is still table based instead of div based which means it's not as fluid as it could be, however there are various fluid designs and styling for tables that one can use.
While there is still a lot more I could be doing like polishing and fleshing out the user navbar I added, adding the info to the profile side box, adding the dedicated latest threads and new post pages the theme lacks and other things, however given the current major bugs with the responsiveness and my own skills to fix a out of the box broken theme, it is not worth my time and effort to implement and fix and add more things in other areas, especially if we decide to use a different theme.

I have provided our theme as it is to the developer in hopes my changes and fixes will make it to a new version and help spark some interest with fixing the responsiveness and bugs.
However the developer has expressed interest in moving on from this theme.
Also from what I have seen the developer only accepts discussions about his themes on his own forum which ironically is also running this theme, he has also locked down any discussions, feedback and bug reports under ongoing paid subscriptions.

For now I am looking around to see what other themes are out there, though currently I'm not having much luck.

While I can understand the concept of paid themes, with the variable nature of a forum with ongoing changes in the design as well as themes being user made, a lot of themes never get fully finished as we can see here and paid themes may not get updates especially if the developer doesn't have time or moves on from theme designing.

So if one went a paid route and the theme breaks and the designer has moved on or is no longer supporting that theme anymore, a forum owner may end up in the cycle of paying everytime the theme needs a update or change.

For our site I want a find a properly working base theme by someone that is committed, that can be overhauled in house by our members to become a personal tailored professional theme for our site.

As for the forum software MyBB is free software which suits our current purpose and initial growing, however things like the base theme in design and other things could be cleaner to a more professional standards such as other software like xenforo.
​​​This is for the other discussion topic.

​​​​​​If anyone wants to help look for any suitable responsive MyBB themes please feel free and I'm open to suggestions.
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