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[Mental Health] 
Compulsive gaming classed as a disorder by (WHO)

Posted: 06-19-2018 04:57 PM by drguild
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[Mental Health]  Compulsive gaming classed as a disorder by (WHO)

Posted: 06-19-2018 04:57 PM by drguild

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has over the weekend classed compulsive gaming as a disorder.
As a gaming, interest and Mental Health forum we need to really understand what this means for us and our members.
As well we need to explain our views on this and the stance we at CAJGO take.

We here at CAJGO welcome this decision as it means that certain types of compulsive or addictive gaming can be diagnosed, also where game developers and publishers can be held accountable for introducing compulsive or addictive mechanics in to their games *cough loot boxes with flashy lights and sounds and wait times on mobile games end cough*

While this is good for us with things like developers using loot box and other mechanics like wait times on mobile games and other things designed to lure players into playing for hours on hours, there is more to this than just that.

A person can be addicted to games as a brain chemistry thing just like smoking, gambling, drinking and other things, playing games isn't too unique or different in that regard under certain circumstances.
So it is a good thing this is being addressed, though the amount of people said to be directly affected is about two percent of all gamers.

However it just doesn't end with direct correlation as compulsive gaming as disorder.
As there are many games and genres out there as well as many people playing games that there are many factors as to why people may play games excessively, one has to take into consideration when making the diagnosis.
There are Card, FPS, RPG, MMO, Sports, Racing and now all those and more are on and coming to VR, which we will get to later, we shouldn't be classifying gaming as a whole under a single label and diagnosis.

With MMO (massively multiplayer online) games as a example, people have been calling that a addictive disorder for years about how World of Warcraft and other such games ruin peoples lives, or nowadays people claiming First Person Shooter games for causing issues in the United States of America with desensitising people, causing school and other shootings, as well as swattings etc.

Which gets me to the point that compulsive gaming in general shouldn't be seen as a one stop disorder for issues with the people who play games.
While It's great that the World Health Organisation has now classified compulsive gaming into their disorder list, there can be many other symptoms and related causes with why people compulsive game in the first place.

As someone with severe Social Anxiety and Depression and also a gamer I have been there playing for like 4 or more days straight with only 3 hours sleep every night in a MMO, I have shut myself away in virtual worlds both MMO and RPG games, Played FPS games to release frustrations while also being the typical angry gamer raging in real life (though privately).

I have seen, experienced and lived what it's like to be drawn into games for hours and days on end for many reasons. (I also have been drawn to watching tv series and movies excessively at some stages also.)
So I can tell you personally there is no one diagnoses that fits all and each time and game the person plays there can be a very different reason for why they play that game and get drawn in themselves.

Here is just some examples on what I mean above.
I played GuildWars 1 and 2 for many years sometimes for hours and days on end.
I also played Minecraft and managed the server we had for 16 hours nearly every single day for 2+ years.
- This was because I wanted to be known respected and connect with people in a social community I don't really have in real life.
- I wanted people to thank me for helping them, a chance to make friends even though I would never ever meet them and a chance to have a social life.
- I have since stopped playing MMO's for various reasons, bullying and other things.

I played FPS games and still do rarely sometimes as a means just to kill people imagine everyone is a bully who hates and is putting me down, usually though to just experience the stories of the games.
I love JRPG's and these I now play the most, as the chance to experience other magical big and open worlds (if I get VR and a proper magical world I'd be hooked) the thought of being in a fantasy world with different intelligent species soo appeals to me.

Also not exactly me but some people get hooked onto sports, car racing and other types of games as a way to experience their passions which they may not be able to do in real life.
As well as esport games people want to be famous and known in a passion they love, that sometimes they will dedicate everything in there life in order to do so.

With VR now coming of age with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, the amount of time one notices and spends in a game will be blurred and just being in the other world will draw people in more to playing games longer.
With VR we now have to be mindful that its not screwing our bodies or brains up physically and mentally with the amount of time we will be spending in there.
Research will take a while on what effect VR has on us, especially for people with Mental Health and other issues, but it's worth discussion as in the future more immersive VR will only make these problems listed in this article worse.
So we need to be ready and understanding of the VR age with all of this.

Overall there is no one diagnosis one can give on someone that play games.

Also we need to look at the person behind the games, why they may seem to be shutting the world out and playing games excessively.
Some may have depression, anxiety, scared to interact with people in real life, they may be young and have family and social issues that they game to try to block it out.
Some people may have just broken up with their girlfriend or boyfriend, lost their job or whatever.

So ultimately we need to understand the person that plays the games and what issues they may be going through, be compassionate and help them to sort those issues out and not just blame the games themselves.

We here at CAJGO Support are gamers and interest lovers ourselves and we understand that there is no one diagnosis one can give, we also know that a lot of issues that lead to excessive gaming and the reactions while gaming are caused not just by the games themselves but other deeper factors that need to be adressed.

We aim to support anyone with issues and appropriately help them to balance their lives and to get the correct information, diagnosis and treatments.

If you have any issues please feel free to post in our Mental Health forums, from our Community Support, Personal Blogs and Stories and if you do not want to discuss stuff with the community and wish to only discuss something with the staff here and in future dedicated support personnel, you can do so in our Direct Staff Support forum.

We are happy to help anyone with issues with a open mind and especially with open arms, we will give you all a virtual hug and direct you to the right medical services that can help and support you in your local area.

If you are a gamer and have various issues why you dive into games to the detriment of your life, remember that you are not alone, let us discuss things with and support you as we have been there and still going through things ourselves.
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